Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If you like blogger you should try........


Ciao its Lilliannacruso here and today i wanted to share with you all this  website called Pintrest, i have recently heard a lot of people talking about it so i thought i would cheque it out.

i really like how you can express your inspiration of what ever you have a Passion for and i know mine would defiantly be fashion so if u would like to find out more about the website or even make your own account go to :


Ciao Lilliannacruso xxxx

My day out with Jane Parker

Ciao its Lilli Anna Cruso here and today i wanted to share with you all my day out with Jane Parker.
Well one day Jane Parker offed to have me for the day and i was so exited as soon as i heard from her so on Thursday the 24.8.11 i spent the day with Jane Parker. Jane Parker is a fashion designer and has been working in the fashion industry for many years. Jane Parker and her brother opened a shop called country road and it was founded in 1974 they successfully had this brand as a very well none Australian designed clothing shop. On the day that i went to visit Jane i showed her some things i have made in my sewing class and the reason why i was so interested in fashion she took me around and showed me lots of inspiration then we went out for lunch and went on a journey to readings to see if we could find a book on channel because that was something Jane Parker and i wanted to find we found a beautiful book on channel and had a look through it and Jane Parker very kindly offed me the book and designed to buy it for me and she said it was something i could add to my collection of inspiration i was so happy and grateful.

i had a great day with Jane and it will be a day i will always remember.

ciao lilliannacruso xxxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My new Gumboots

Ciao its Lilliannacruso here and today i wanted to show you all these gumboots that i bought from a shop called Country Road, about a week ago i really like them because of the colour and that is one of the things that caught my eye i just love that bright orange coraley colour and another thing that caught my eye was the unique cream
woollen edges witch you can pull up to make them look like you're wearing a pair of long socks.But i didn't just buy them because of the looks i also bought them because of the weather recently and i thought they would be perfect for winter and going on school camps.
i hope you liked this review on my new gumboots and stay tuned for some other fun things coming up soon.

P.S if you like these gumboots and you would like to look at some of the other things country road does for there winter collection go to ....   http://www.countryroad.com.au/

Thanks Lilliannacruso xxxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Famous patterns

Ciao its Lilliannacruso here and today i wanted to show you all Two very famous patterns today i put up the Burberry pattern witch is show on the top  left and i would describe this pattern as a Red, black,white and cream plaid witch burberry use as there signitur lining and fabric pattern  for there brand.
On the bottom left is an other very famous pattern witch is the original louis vuitton and how i would discribe this pattern is dark chocolate brown and a light brown witch i belive is a really nice combanation and it works for both summer and winter when ever you buy a louis vuitton item it always has the L and V in the center of the item you buy.The L&V pattern is also a few 4 leaf flowers and some bigger and bolder ones around the others.
                                  I hope you liked this post on some famous patterns i like witch, i hope you all
                                   stay tuned with some other posts i will be putting up soon.
                        ciao Lilliannacruso xxxx

My up coming project

                                Ciao its Lilliannacruso here and i thought i would share with you all my upcoming
                                 sewing project that I'm doing in my sewing class,this is the first time i have shown
                                 you all one of my projects I'm working on so i hope you like this post.
                                  I'm doing the View A pattern witch is the girl standing in an orange dress holding a
                                  orange bag. i like the dress I'm making because it is a really nice colour for the summer and i liked it so much i decided to make it the same coloured fabric I'm very exited about this project because after i have finished i can see how it looks on little children and i will keep on posting reviews on how I'm going with this project.

Thank you Lilliannacruso xxxxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Zara kids winter fashion

Ciao its Lilliannacruso here and this is the new Zara kids winter selection of clothing.My favourite outfit is the first one. There is a peacoat in a coffe colour and rolled up blue jeans.i ythink it hAS A really uniqe style to it and it is a great look for the cold winter time.
ciao i hope you like this review
ciao lilliannacruso xxxxxx